About Us

We are a Portuguese brand inspired by family and tradition.

With our clothes, we want to go back to childhood, to recover the heritage of the always magical threads and needles from our grandparents' houses.

Today we are the mothers who preserve those memories stored in handmade baskets.

Our children live from these treasured moments, at a time when dressing up, of tradition and the classical, is a timeless way of dressing that spans generations.

Our children are a permanent source of inspiration with their free spirit, love for the countryside, the beach, surfing, horse riding, playing ball, laughter and endless sleepless evenings.

The Cotton Moon pajamas and nightdresses translate this childhood spirit connected to nature and are therefore made of delicate cotton, made in Portugal and environmentally friendly.

We live in Porto and we like the proximity to suppliers, which allows us to follow the whole process, from the idealization of the pieces, to the choice of the best fabrics and the most beautiful lace, to the detail of the most delicate buttons.